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Johnathan Gilber
Director of ELA
Email:[email protected]

At the heart of a rigorous academic education is the study of the humanities. The study of humanities enables students to understand what it is to be human. The study of humanities challenges students to draw connections and find purpose and meaning in the world.  WHS’s Humanities Program is designed to provide an interdisciplinary approach to learning.

There are two required core humanities courses at Windham High School: Cultural Foundations and American Studies. The purpose of these courses is to enable students to think deeply across academic disciplines and to build solid academic skills, particularly in the areas of writing and reading. Interdisciplinary instruction enables students to view learning as more than an accumulation of isolated facts and helps students develop the skills necessary to solve multifaceted problems. Each core course is team-taught by a social studies teacher and an English teacher. Students earn credit in both social studies and English.