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Science and Technology


Karalyn Gauvin
Director of Science and Engineering
Phone: 603-845-1550 x 5238
Email:[email protected]

The Windham School Science & Technology faculty is committed to developing curious graduates willing to take on the challenge of solving problems.  The program is designed to inspire all students to experience wonder and appreciation for the natural and designed world and to prepare them for success as students, scientists and citizens. Each course is in alignment with the expectations of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and is designed to offer students a hands-on experience of content-rich investigations that will ensure students are able to grow in their ability to think creatively, ponder problems, and propose solutions based on evidence and reason.  Science investigations allow students to develop their inquiry skills so that they may learn to confidently initiate and investigate their own questions. We are committed to helping students grow their scientific perspective, improve their skill level with technology so they will thrive in their future academic studies and careers, have the ability to solve the problems they encounter and a greater appreciation of the physical universe throughout their lives.

Throughout our program we engage students in the eight Science and Engineering Practices identified in the NGSS Standards:

  • Asking questions and defining problems
  • Developing and using models
  • Planning and carrying out investigations
  • Analyzing and interpreting data
  • Using mathematics and computational thinking
  • Constructing explanations and designing solutions
  • Engaging in argument from evidence
  • Obtaining, evaluating and communicating information