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Family Consumer Science

Susan Veilleux, Director of Fine Arts

Susan Veilleux
Director of Fine Arts
Phone: 603-845-1550 x 5850
Email: [email protected] 

The Windham School District Family and Consumer Science (FCS) program develops students’ knowledge and skills in managing foods and nutrition, consumer financial literacy, human growth and development, and textiles.  The Family and Consumer Science courses provide 21st century learning including, but not limited to, collecting, analyzing, organizing and presenting information in both creative and collaborative ways.  Decision making, problem solving, and self-management are integrated along with communication and conflict resolution skills, which are important to the development of all students as they enter today’s society. 


The student achievement goal is to:

  • Prepare students for college, careers, and citizenship beyond the classroom walls.
  • Promote optimal nutritional education that supports district wellness policies.  
  • Use critical and creative thinking skills to promote problem solving in diverse family, community, and work environments.  
  • Demonstrate creative thinking and developing innovative products and processes using technology.  
  • Use critical thinking skills to plan and conduct research, manage projects, solve problems, and make informed decisions.
  • Support literacy in mathematics, language arts, and science via STEAM.
  • Manage the challenges of living and working in a diverse global society.